Eddie Minnis and Family Art Gallery

Just down the street from our real estate office you will find our family art gallery. We are upstairs in the pink building, right across from the Abaco Beach Resort, and right next to Abaco Gold.


Eddie Minnis is a well-known Bahamian artist, singer and songwriter. He is also a real estate agent! The whole family is artistic. Can't help being an artist being his daughter, and neither can my sister Nicole. And I married a fellow artist too! Ritchie, whose family is from Haiti, has a unique style of his own. You can find Ritchie or me at work on a new painting at the gallery Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. On the weekends we do Bible  volunteer work in the Haitian community. But just give us a call; we're never far away.


Ritchie and Roshanne Eyma 

Cell: 242-426-9841/2

Email: info@eddieminnis.com